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A Brief Manual to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

Within our university community, various relationships among faculty, staff, students exist. In this communal environment, it is natural for individuals to come in contact with issues regarding sexual harassment or sexual assault. However, often these issues are thought as insignificant or embarrassing, ultimately creating a socio-cultural norm where sexual misbehavior becomes a natural part of our everyday lives. Instead of considering sexual harassment as a petty or ‘coincidental’ experience, we must acknowledge the seriousness of sexual misbehavior and try to resolve problems with discretions in order to make a more equal and safe university environment for everyone.

Sexual Harassment Counseling Center

Who we are:
Sexual Harassment Counseling Center provides counseling regarding sexual harassment and violence. Confidentiality of all counseling information is guaranteed.

What we do:
1. Provide appropriate counseling to the victims.
2. Help file reports on cases of sexual harassment and violence.
3. Educate and advertise for prevention of sexual harassment and violence.
4. Protect the victims of all forms of sexual harassment and violence.
5. Research and investigate on the university’s sexual harassment cases and possible prevention methods.

Contact Us
- Counseling and reporting: (054) 279-2730, 2725, 2726
- E-mail counseling: counseling-@postech.ac.kr
- Location: Mueunjae Memorial Hall 2nd floor Room 209, Counseling office-Sexual Harassment Counseling office
- Office Hours: Monday ~ Friday, 9 a.m. ~ 6 p.m.