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If you became a victim:
- If appropriate and you feel comfortable, consider talking to the harasser. Indirect and passive confrontations rarely stop the unwanted behavior. Clearly and firmly tell the harasser that you want the behavior to stop. Let the harasser know that you will take further action if the harassment doesn't stop.
- If you do not feel comfortable enough to talk to him directly, consider writing him or her a letter. Keep a copy of the letter and tell someone you work with or a close friend what you've done.

- When inappropriate behaviors happen repeatedly, keep a detailed record of each event (including who, when, where, what). If you were to file a formal complaint, this could be used as your evidence.

- Go to the Sexual Harassment Counseling Office (054) 279-2730) to find an appropriate resolution. If you believe it is irreconcilable through informal measures, it is possible to get help from the Counseling Office to file a formal complaint through the university.

- In case of an emergency, immediately call the police and get medical attention. If you are raped, you must to go to a medical center immediately to get treated for possible injuries and collect evidences from the incident.

Medical Procedures For Rape Victims:

Collecting Evidence
- Leave the area of the incident as it was during the incident.
- Do NOT change your clothing or wash your body; it is important to go straight to the hospital.
- It is possible to collect evidences by examining your mouth, genital organs, and nails.
- If you have visible injuries or bruises, photograph them (with your face showing, if possible). Sometimes, you need to get re-examined and photographed again after 24-48 hours since some wounds only appear after a certain amount of time.
- When you keep your evidences or you are taking them to the hospital or the police, use paper bags that are NOT lined with vinyl.
- Do NOT drink or take medication after the incident. It might affect your memory or destroy important evidences.

Medical Treatments and Evidence Collection
First, look for visible external injuries (evidence of physical violence)
- Check under the nails (collection of the offender’s blood and skin tissue)
- External genitals examination (checking for bleeding or secretion, and the condition of the virginal membrane)
- Inner-vaginal examination (checking for possible sperms to identify the offender)-You must get this examination within 48 hours of the incident to collect sperms.
- Taking Blood Samples (Checking for STDs, blood type, and possible drug intake)
- Urinalysis
- Pregnancy test ? If there is a possibility of a pregnancy, injecting DES or a large dose of estrogen can prevent the landing of the zygote on the inner-lining of the uterus.

- POSTECH Counseling Center-Sexual Harassment Counseling office (054) 279-2730, 2725, 2726.
- POSTECH collaborative hospital - Yoon Hye-Won OB.GYN (054)272-1991
- Women Emergency Hotline 1366
- One-Stop Support Center: 24 hour hot-line where police women, counselor, and nurses provide services, including counseling, medical check-up, investigation, and legal services, to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, school violence, and human trafficking. no local or country code, 117
- Kyungbook One-Stop Support Center (054) 843-1117, 2117
- Korea Rape Crisis Center (02) 883-9285
- Pohang Women’s Association, Kyungbook Women General Counseling, Sexual Assault Counseling (054) 282-1470

If you became an offender:
By definition, sexual harassment and violence is determined by the victim, therefore, it is possible for one to unintentionally offend others. As a result when named as an offender, he or she deny the offensive behavior and refuses to apologize to the victim. But a sincere apology and honesty from the offender can help tremendously for the victim to overcome the pain. Instead of giving self-justification and excuses, try to understand the perspective of the victim and be more observant of your own behaviors.

If you are a third person:
Problems and resolutions of sexual misbehavior are greatly influenced by the reaction of the third party. As members of a community, it is one’s responsibility to protect the victims, correct the offensive behaviors of the offender, and create a culture in which any kind of sexual harassment is unaccepted. As a friend of the victim, be supportive and attentive. Try to comfort the victim and make sure the victim gets appropriate medical attention, if necessary. And as a friend of the offender, do not to take sides with the offender for the sake of your friendship. You must help him or her understand the wrong doings and help him or her not repeat the same mistake.